Executive Structure

Principal Sr Margaret Ghosn
Deputy Principal Sr Irene Boughosn
Business Manager Ms Rupa Bala
Liaison Officer Ms Rita Pangallo
Public Relations Officer Mr Elie Asmar


Primary Leadership Team

Stage 1 Coordinator (Years K-2) Ms C Rozario
Stage 2 Coordinator (Years 3-4) Mr D Day
Stage 3 Coordinator (Years 5-6) Ms J Azzi


Secondary Leadership Team

Director of Teaching & Learning Mr Chris Bettiol
Director of Well Being Mr Nehme Khattar


Positions of Responsibilities Secondary

Mrs R Eid

Title Teacher
Year 12 Advisor Mrs F Abdul Ahad
Year 11 Advisor Ms G Dalla
Year 10 Advisor Mrs C Youssef
Year 9 Advisor Ms P Pietak
Year 8 Advisor Mrs R Badr
Year 7 Advisor Mrs I Delimitros
Secondary KLA Coordinators
Religion Mr C Hayman
English Mr M Abboud / Mrs R Eid
Mathematics Mr A Sassine
Science Mr A Stillen
Creative and Performing Arts Mrs M Boutros
LOTE Ms M Safi
Sport, PD/H/PE, PASS, CFS Mr M Abood
HSIE – Economics/Legal Studies/Business Studies/Society & Culture/Commerce, History/Ancient History/Modern History, Geography Ms G Dalla
TAS – Technology/Food Technology/ Graphics/ Textiles Technology/ Industrial Technology Mrs J Botros
Careers/VET Mrs S Kumar
Learning Support Mrs R Macura
Learning Centre Supervisor Ms K Pucovski
WH&S Committee A Stillen – Maintains WHS & legal information -Sr Margaret