Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council (SRC) at Maronite College of the Holy Family is one of commitment, teamwork and enthusiasm. This community of Year 11 and Year 6 students dedicates it’s time to introduce fundraisers for the College community, establish positive College and peer relationships and target key issues of concern.

The SRC works as an advocate for the structures which need to be set in place to address the needs of the College community. The SRC addresses relevant issues and sets achievable goals, which support the whole school.

The aims include developing leadership skills, ensuring students views are heard in decision making processes, empower students to contribute towards a positive school culture and strengthening the College community through active participation. SRC Leadership involves democracy, leadership, participation, responsibility and advocacy.

The Secondary SRC projects include Jersey day, Dress Up day, Pizza Day, and establishing the use of the seminar room by senior students at lunch time.

The Primary School Student Representative Council work tremendously hard to promote the motto of “To know, love and serve.” The SRC’s role had been to serve and assist the students, staff and executive in a number of ways. They were responsible for raising the flags every morning, collecting and distributing lunch orders and acting as positive role models for the younger students of the school during the Kindergarten Buddy program. In addition to these everyday tasks, the SRC and the leaders have assisted in numerous fund raising events including: annual board games day, crazy hair day and the inaugural Christmas Cards for the elderly fund raisers.