Parent Association

Welcome to the MCHF Parents Association.

We invite all parents of students of our beloved school to become part of the MCHF PA family.

The purpose of the association is aimed to assist in narrowing the bridge between the school and parents of our school. We aim to promote a sense of family according to the ideals of the Holy Family by upholding the lessons of our school motto, To Know, Love and Serve.

We represent all the parents of the MCHF community. We aim to be role models to all the children of our school by the services we voluntarily provide. The continuous efforts of the parent helpers assisting in the classrooms, the attendance at PA meetings, the assistance of PA parents in school activities or offering support and donations to all fundraisers are all part of what we do.

Continuously, the dedication of all PA members and volunteering parents is a gift to the whole school community. We are called to serve with love, and all PA members find joy in offering all we can in service, to help improve our children’s educational experience.

The PA is organised with a group of elected officers and volunteering members and blessed with the guidance of our Principal and Executive school members.  This group of dedicated members aim to provide a fair experience for all parents involved. Great friendships are made and together we toil as one family to provide to the needs of our ever growing school community.

Congratulations to all elected members of the MCHF Parents Association and all volunteering parents of 2017.

2017 Parent Association

Chairperson: Jagqeline Bou Melhem

Secretary: Nadien Elias

Treasurer: Salma Germanos

Antoinette Deaybes
Arze Abi-Khattar
Hayley Bazouni
Lucia Bou Nasr
Marie Moussa
Mary Ayoub
Maya Bousaid
Fayrouz Fares
Maggie Nakhoul
Jisele Fares
Carol Merheb
Yolla Boustani
Najla Massoud
Alice Ghannoum
Rhonda Wehbe
Mantoura Moujalli

MCHF PA encourages all parents to assist and support in our fundraisers, and we thank you in advance for assisting us to offer more to all students at MCHF.

MCHF Parent Association 2016 – Thank you for all your hard work!