Writer’s Corner

MCHF gives you an entertaining education,
after that, we have a long vacation.
We fly to the sky like a zooming aeroplane,
We beat everyone with our super, mega brains.

The books eat your words when you write a significant story,
When you show it to the teachers they give you lots of glory.
They hang it up in the hall for you to see,
When they read it, they fill up with glee.

MCHF is an open secret,
forget about home school and come and see it.
It provides you with two different languages,
Arabic and English, yeah that’s the way to go.
MCHF is a greenhouse of ideas,
so come on down and join the family.
I know you’re scared but who really cares,
in this school, everyone shares.

By Hannah Youssef and Hannah Lichaa – 5 Opal

MCHF is the place to go,
In year 12 we perform a bullying show.
We are as busy as a bee,
always working for a key.

We go to Home bush for a race,
it takes a million years to get first place.
They give us a tone of education,
for us to gain a better reputation.

Why wait any longer, when you can come for a tour,
Applications are open, and your all welcome for sure.
The books will fill your brains
With lots of tiny knowledge grains.

From Marina El-Katrib and Grace Raffoul (5 Opal)

MCHF is the place to be,
Because you’re as busy as a bee
MCHF has a good reputation.
and if you come here you’ll get a good education.
Here at school we learn a lot of things,
you can also learn music ting, ting, ting.
The car coughed to life when I came to school,
you can get to learn two languages wow so cool.
Our school is the best,
better than the other schools in the west.
You’ll never have a sad face,
you’ll always have a smile as long as a mile.
We have so many games with all the same aims
You can even get a chance to be on the wall of fame.

By Maroun Ters and Justin Moussa – 5 Opal

In Year 6 Topaz, we have been focusing on our writing. Using the Seven Steps to Success, we joint constructed a Sizzling Start with Back Fill and Tightening Tension (that includes a pebble, rock, boulder) to create this piece of writing. The stimulus of a boat at sea struggling to stay afloat was given as a starting point. The students used a checklist of the success criteria, English posters that promote descriptive and emotive language in the room and their own knowledge to create this writing. Can you predict what will happen next?
    – Ms Mourani

The Boat at Sea – Tightening Tension
The grey smoky clouds filled the sky with horror making me sweat profusely. Ravishing rain is racing from the sky crashing onto the struggling, beaten down boat. The furious filled, black waves attacked the boat making it foam at the mouth. Wrathful lightning struck the boat provoking the passengers leaving them weary, sea sick and trembling with fear. Distraught, my brother looked at me with his fretful eyes and held me tight as I pulled the paper thin blanket closer to my raw, cold face.

The boat was vigorously rocking back and forth as it wrestled against the wicked waves. I glanced at my brother as his fear overwhelmed me. Parents struggled to contain their children against the waves as their cries filled the air like a sharp knife stabbing you in the heart. The smell of the sea salt has taken over my brother Patrick, as his cheeks flooded with vomit. In a blink of an eye, the vomit hit the blanket like a tsunami and filled the air with last night’s dinner.

The rain became stronger which quickly turned into icy hail. Big heavy, chunks of hail began smashing at us, cracking the windows, causing sharp long pieces of glass to fall onto us. I grabbed my brother and rushed us to safety underneath an unstable bench. As I peeked out, the gloomy fog began to clear as the boat was drifting towards a mountain of ice. The ice burg was creeping towards us as the captain makes a swift turn avoiding our worst nightmare.

The horn screeched as the engine began to stutter. It was clear that our dreams were fading away as our boat came to a halt. We were failing. Our captain reached over to our last resort – a red flare. As the blood red smoke filled the air with colour, our lives depended on this horrific moment. Water flooded the boat making it hard to survive. A colossal wave toppled the boat draining the colour of hope from our faces as it took its last hit. My heart sank with the boat.

by Rita Raffoul (Year 6)

Please click on the “Travelling” link, below, to see Rita’s fabulous Arabic assignment on travelling…  Please note, it’s in Arabic!

by Simona Younes (Year 11)

If love could have saved you,
I never would have cried.
If only He knew,
You were my one and only pride.

Five years ago the sun was bright,
Happiness was all I could feel.
“Let’s have a sleepover tonight!”
These memories no one can steal.

They say that time will heal,
They say it without a doubt.
But it won’t change the way I feel,
As you’re so hard to be without.

Twenty one years of happiness on this Earth, A mark has been left.
The voice of an angel was all that was heard, And now my mind isn’t deft.

Five years later the sun is brighter than ever, But loss was found in these gaps.
Because love is here forever,
Recovery has replaced these cracks.

I can still feel your comfort around me, Your presence is so near.
As I close my eyes to see,
It’s your face when you were here.

Reality is still waiting upon our youth.
Life is a beautiful lie,
Death is the painful truth,
But in the end we all fly high.

Oscillating between hope and despair,
Nevertheless happiness has won the race.
Our separation is thin as air,
We have now closed the case.

by Mary Semaan (2 Purple)

David was wondering where his birthday party was going to be. He wondered and wondered until he came across this. On the way to his friend’s house he saw a theme park with a big sign saying… HORRORLAND MAKE THIS YOUR LAST STOP ON EARTH. It sounded awesome so David ended up going there for his birthday. He invited all his friends and his whole family too. When they got there the tickets were for free. The person selling the tickets exclaimed, “You could pay the next time you come here”. David’s mum had no idea what the person selling the tickets was saying but she kept quiet and just went with it. The first ride David and his friends went on was the roller coaster of fright. They ended up having an upside down adventure. It went horribly wrong. They heard a mysterious sounding moan, more like a ghosts’ moan. Then out of nowhere… Zoom! One of David’s friends were gone.  David made a statement saying “whatever happens at whatever time either way we are getting John back”. They started to look around and they found a stainless steel door. “It’s locked”, David called while pushing against the door. After a few hours they finally crashed the door open. Crash! There they saw John but then a horrifying monster went in front of John. David ran and his friends were brave enough to make a run for it too. Suddenly, the monster opened a cube and with one gulp he swallowed the table. The monster got a gooey, disgusting sword out. John thought he was going to die! A woman that looked like a fortune teller got out a fortune ball. The monster’s sword then melted to the ground. It almost landed on John but David saved him. They tried to get out but the fortune teller was in the way! “That way!” David pointed towards an open window. Finally, they ran and ended up escaping from Horrorland. When they got home David exclaimed, “well that was a mouthful of fun”.