Primary Department Curriculum

The Maronite College of the Holy Family Ethos, Mission Statement and Outcomes all list the importance of recognising the educational needs of the student whilst also acknowledging the importance of development spiritually, socially and physically.  Therefore, with the development of the whole person in mind, Curriculum has been designed to develop growth in many ways. All students are encouraged to see the best in themselves, in one another and to achieve their full potential.

Teachers bring with them their own unique talents and background – educational, social and religious – as well as a shared vision of the importance of the Catholic Education system to educate the students.

The Primary Department is organised into 4 streams for every grade and follows mainstream programs with differentiation support for students with special needs.

In developing Teaching and Learning programs the Primary teachers follow The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Syllabus documents in all the Key Learning Areas. Being a Maronite Catholic College we also provide extensive programs to teach students about Religion and Arabic for Kindergarten to Year 6.

The Primary has developed a detailed Scope and Sequence for every Key Learning Area to ensure all outcomes are met during a student’s primary years of study. The Key Learning Areas in the Primary Department are English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science and Technology, Personal Development/Health/Physical Education, Creative Arts with the additional Arabic, and Religion.

The Head of Primary and Stage Coordinator works collaboratively with teachers to oversee the development, evaluation, teaching and learning of academic programs in all Key Learning Areas. The College also provides Parent Information Sessions to educate parents about the procedures of the College and content of learning outcomes.