Student Support Programs

At Maronite College of the Holy Family we strive for excellence in all areas including the behaviour of our students. Each student understands that they have unquestionable rights at the College which include the right to be treated fairly and with respect, to be safe, have a clean environment, and to have access to quality teaching staff. With these rights come responsibilities and so a Code of Conduct has been created by which the students must abide. Consequences for failing to live up the high standards set at the College include lunch time detentions, suspension or possible expulsion. All consequences are carried out according to the college’s Natural Justice and Procedural Fairness guidelines.

Positive behaviours are encouraged at the College by the use of a reward system. Classroom teachers select outstanding students for awards on a weekly basis. Students also receive Keys to Success tokens to reward appropriate behaviour.  End of term awards identify students who have attained academic excellence and academic achievement across a variety of Key Learning Areas, as well as Christian Values awards for students who have demonstrated Christ-like attributes. End of year awards recognise student participation in extra-curricular activities including Arabic presentations, as well as participation in the Primary Choir, Extension Programs, the Primary SRC and Sporting Events.

The role of the Head of Primary and Stage Coordinator is to work collaboratively with classroom teachers to ensure quality teaching and learning takes place. They are also responsible for overseeing all programs in the Primary Department as well as communicating breaches of College rules to parents and ensuring that the College’s Discipline Policy is followed at all times.

Playground Angels

The Playground Angels program has been adopted in order to assist staff while on playground duty. Year 5 students volunteer to patrol the playground and provide additional support by helping students to buy from the canteen, helping to open lunches, tying shoelaces and comforting students who may be upset. This program helps to develop in the Year 5 students a sense of responsibility and ensures that teachers are able to focus on the safety of students in the playground.

Kinder Buddies

The daunting prospect of coming to the College each day in Kindergarten is made less so by having a special friend that you can go to when you are sad. For the Kindergarten students this is their Year 6 buddy. The Kinder Buddy program has run successfully for many years at the College. Each week the Year 6 students put aside time to get to know their Kindergarten friends. They read to them, play games, help with their sight words and paint pictures with their buddies. This relationship helps the Year 6 students to develop empathy, responsibility and pride in themselves; as well as provides a sense of safety and security for the Kindergarten children while on the playground and when catching buses home.