Development of the Whole Person

At Maronite College of the Holy Family we aim to promote the development of the whole person; physical, spiritual, academic and emotional. As part of the college’s commitment to student welfare, various groups, programs and activities are organised to develop these aspects in all students.

Physical Development

All students participate in Physical Education activities each week and those who demonstrate a propensity for excellence in these areas, are able to join in Diocesan events (Please refer to Sport). The health of our students is a priority and so we encourage the consumption of healthy foods and drinks by our participation in the national Crunch and Sip program.

Spiritual Development

At Maronite College of the Holy Family we are first and foremost a community of Maronite Catholics whose aim is to live the teachings of Jesus Christ. All students participate in Religious Education lessons and formal prayers are said in Arabic and English during morning assemblies. The College community, including the Maronite Sisters and College Chaplain, gather to celebrate Mass and all grades are given the opportunity to lead the college. Students are selected to read Gospel readings, prayers of the faithful, to act as altar servers and join in songs of thanksgiving. At various times students in the primary college are offered the opportunity to join in lunch time prayer groups where they share their thoughts and intercessions in a reflective and spiritual setting. The Primary Student Representative Council, elected from the Year 6 cohort, demonstrates the charitable works of our faith by holding a fundraiser each term. The funds raised are donated to charities chosen by the SRC or spent on resources for use by Primary College students. The Primary students also contribute to the Caritas fundraising project and the annual Saint Vincent de Paul Christmas appeal.

Academic Development

The College is committed to assisting all students to achieve their best academically. Extension programs are available for those who excel in the areas of Mathematics, English, Science and Researching. The College provides educational resources that cater to a variety of learning styles including Interactive Whiteboards, access to computers for all students, tactile learning equipment and a plethora of reading materials.

Emotional Development

Maronite College of the Holy Family is committed to assisting all students to develop into emotionally healthy people who will become responsible and productive citizens. A College Psychologist has been employed four days a week in order to help students cope with the difficulties of their lives. This level of support, provided by the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family, demonstrates our commitment to our students.  The Primary Department, in conjunction with the College Psychologist, is participating in the Protective Behaviour Program. This specialised program is aimed to equip the students with strategies to deal with situations that may arise at the college or at home. Physical violence, verbal abuse and bullying, are all areas covered by the Protective Behaviour Program. We also encourage the use of the Stop, Think, Do program within classrooms to help students to realise the consequences their behaviour has on their peers in the learning environment. This program helps students to be able to make choices from a variety of scenarios and guides them to making the right choice independently.