Secondary at MCHF

The Secondary Department at Maronite College of the Holy Family (MCHF) consists of Year 7 to Year 12. Classes cater for a wide range of learning needs as well as teaching and learning activities which develop in students a passion for learning. Staff in the Secondary Department create programs that aim to develop the whole child; intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually.

The College offers a range of subjects that enables all students to work towards the completion of Year 12 and to meet all requirements as set out in the guidelines mandated by the ‘Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES)

Through its curriculum provisions, the College aims to:

  • provide a broad curriculum that includes a diverse range of subjects that span all Key Learning Areas
  • provide a quality curriculum which will motivate and challenge students
  • cater for the needs of all students across a range of abilities including those who have special needs and those who are gifted and talented.

Pastoral Care is an important aspect the College and is built around the following important dimensions:

  • a commitment to providing for the total well-being of all students
  • excelled interpersonal relationships among staff, students, and parents
  • teachers act as caring, compassionate adults who take a real interest in the lives of their students
  • provision of a Pastoral Care program that helps students value themselves and to develop personal well-being and resilience
  • provision of effective support structures including a student counsellor responsive to the needs and well-being of students
  • links within the wider community exist so that the best possible support can be provided to students
  • provision of support to families who seek assistance in times of crisis and instability.