Pastoral Care Program

Pastoral Care takes on many shades but all types of pastoral care encompasses an attitude of concern, respect, and empowerment of the individual. At Maronite College of the Holy Family we provide pastoral care in a number of vital ways. Students are our asset and we need to look after them as best we can.

Over the College Year we will provide a weekly time slot on certain Fridays specifically for pastoral care activities. This time set aside is used for mentoring, motivational talks by guest speakers, discussion time, opportunity to reflect on life goals, a chance to prepare students for the bigger world, as well as being taught how to best manage their time and how to prepare for exams.

Overall the College has implemented a solid programme for pastoral care and faith formation for the secondary students. It is through these sacred times that students will hopefully grow in the grace of God and become young responsible and faith filled adults.

  • Program Outcomes
  • To address issues specific to the Year cohort
  • To encourage leadership skills
  • To develop respect in the students for people and property
  • To discover a deeper dimension of themselves
  • To understand the role of etiquette
  • To discuss real life questions
  • To find answers to the many questions in life
  • To gain new knowledge that will help them grow in self esteem
  • To acquire information on how to handle different situations