Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

The study of languages is offered across all stages during secondary schooling. Languages is only mandatory during stage 4 where the board of studies give students the opportunity to explore the wide benefits of learning a language in a 100-hours study of one language in one continuous 12-month period. Languages, then, become an elective subject across stages 5 and 6. Stage 6 offers three different language courses; French Beginners course, Arabic Continuers course and Arabic Extension course. Maronite College of the Holy Family encourages and provides the best support and guidance to its students throughout their rich and invaluable journey of exploring the beauty of the world through the close study of different languages and cultures.

Multiculturalism and globalisation promote an incontrovertible motive for learning a new language, nowadays, especially in a modern and civilised country like Australia. By learning a new language our students gain appreciation and respect for their own language and culture and thus they become more accepting of diversity. Acquiring more than one language also enhances students’ literacy skills and makes travelling and global networking and communication become easier. Moreover, the study of languages provides students with opportunities for continued learning and for future employment in areas such as commerce, tourism, hospitality, education, journalism and international relations.

The Language teachers at Maronite College of the Holy Family use a wide range of teaching and learning resources, advanced information and communication technologies and cross curricular teaching approach to make the study of languages during secondary schooling years a valuable lifelong experience.