Vocational Education & Training (VET)

What are VET courses?

VET courses are accredited by the Board of Studies, and count towards the HSC. They also have some characteristics that make them different from the other courses. VET courses:

  • are based on national training packages that are designed to meet industry training needs
  • lead to the achievement of nationally-recognised qualifications within the AQF
  • provide opportunities for practical, work-based learning that will assist in developing the knowledge and skills students need for work and further study
  • are written and assessed in competency-based terms.

What qualifications will students attain at the College?

  • Students receive a non-ATAR HSC, and Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Certificate I, II or III qualification(s), depending on the particular course selected and the units of competency achieved.

What VET subjects are offered by Maronite College of the Holy Family?

  • VET Retail Services
  • VET Construction
  • Vet Hospitality

 What are the advantages of doing VET Courses?

  • Students are able to attain a certificate I, II or III in their respective Vet area and a HSC Certificate at the same time.
  • The certificate is based on the AQF which means that students are qualified and competent on a national level.

What, if the course is NOT offered at school?

  • Students can take up School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeships (SBAT).

How does SBAT work?

  • Provide an opportunity to take up apprenticeships from an employer in the industry whilst taking up a Tafe course.
  • Students will attend ONE day Tafe, ONE day apprenticeship with employer and THREE days in the school.
  • Can start in year 10.