Year Cohort

The Secondary Department has structured its Year Cohorts in the following manner:

  • Head of Secondary
  • Director of Pastoral Care
  • Year Advisors
  • Homeroom Teachers

The Director of Pastoral Care (Secondary) plays a key role in providing quality Maronite Catholic education for students in the care of the College. The central focus is the coordination of the pastoral care and management of students. As a member of the Secondary Leadership Team, the Director of Pastoral Care (Secondary) works collegially to shape and implement the vision of the College in a way that reflects its Maronite Catholic character working closely with the Year Advisors. Each Year Advisor is responsible for the students in their Year Cohort. The Year Advisors work closely with their homeroom teachers. Each Homeroom Teacher is responsible for the students in their homeroom class. They ensure that the daily matters are addressed and followed up.

Year Groups

Year 7 Year 10
Year 8 Year 11
Year 9 Year 12