Year 11

The Year 11 form is always filled with a range of activities and events on an academic, spiritual, social and pastoral level. Year 11 students display great potential in all aspects including curricular, extra-curricular and personal development.

The Year 11 form is first and foremost led by a team of Homeroom Teachers. Homeroom time takes place every morning and every afternoon. It is an important time in the morning when students arrive and settle in. This is when roll call and prayer takes place. Students are also provided with information about the day as well as any room changes.

Throughout the year, the students engage in regular Friday morning Pastoral sessions providing them with spiritual, social and academic formation. The sessions are usually led by guest speakers including priests and lay persons. The College Counsellor is also involved on a regular basis, educating students on topics such as Cyber safety. Students also attend special productions in the form of plays and often have a police officer address them.

The Year 11 Students also show excellent leadership qualities as they are active members of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC). They organise numerous events including Jersey Day and social events. These events prove to be a success, adding colour and variety to the College.

It is at the end of term 3 that the College Captain and leaders are chosen which makes the ‘Annual Leadership Reflection Day’ an important event where students get to vote for the future College Leaders.

On an academic level, excellent results are achieved with numerous students receiving ‘Excellence Awards’. These are given to students achieving a mark greater than 80 in four or more subjects.

On the Sporting field the Year 11 form in involved in Thursday sports. This is an important aspect as it gives an opportunity for students to be fit and healthy. The best performing students also participate in Representative sports. Year 11 students are also actively involved in Gala days and PDSSC carnivals.

Overall the Year 11 form is a pleasure to coordinate as students prepare themselves for the HSC where they are given an opportunity to set themselves up for the future.