Stop the Litter!
I’m walking through a green and clean bush, I see beautiful nature and the green grass is playing with the soft wind- come and look around. It’s all beautiful… trees sparkling, birds singing, animals playing and having fun. OUCH!!! I have just slipped on a big banana peel! When I look around I see something horrid! I see plastic bags, fizzy drink cans, a McDonald’s burger and worst of all a small, cute baby bird choking on a huge red balloon! I thought I was in a beautiful and clean forest but instead I’m in a DUMP!!! “This has to be fixed, before it gets worse!!! Listen up!!!

To begin with, if we litter we are making our future worse. There will be pollution, pollution and more pollution!!!! 2800 trucks spread around NSW every single day and almost every year they collect more than 2200 tonnes because of us littering!!!!
Think about it… every single day you wake up to the sounds of rubbish trucks, you smell rubbish everywhere and the view from your window is well…. RUBBISH!!! Think about your future before you decide what to do!

Have you ever wondered about how easy it is to just pick up your rubbish and throw it in the bin and instead of on the floor? It only takes less than 2 seconds of your time! If everyone in NSW works together and we throw our own wrappers in the bin, our whole state will be spotless- no plastic bags in the ocean and no banana peels and lunch scraps on our land! We certainly must fix this! Will you help? Think about it!

If we keep on dumping pollution in the water we are affecting all animals underwater as well. The garbage dumped in the ocean every year is roughly around 14 billion kilograms! Also, 5000 people die every day because of drinking unclean water! Would you rather drink clean water or unclean water? Altogether let’s keep our ocean clean and help make underwater animals stay alive! Will you help?

Without a doubt, we are just not hurting our future but something very important to the world – ANIMALS!!! Without animals things will feel and look very different, like my pet Crystal the cat, “Come here Crystal, come and have your treat!” Imagine you are walking in the street with no birds singing their joyful melodies- that would be the worst nightmare ever! To give animals more life there is one thing to stop which is….LITTER!! When you litter, animals sometimes mistaken an item as food!!! We must keep our country beautiful by keeping animals alive! “Go and play in the fresh green grass, Crystal”.

In my experience, litter is damaging the entire world, but there is one thing I haven’t mentioned about litter, it is also doing bad damage to us!! Every day when we wake up we go outside and sometimes all we smell is smoke, smoke and more grey smoke!!! “Ooooft- I can’t see past all this smoke!” We smell and breathe not nice things because of litter. The people with asthma are mostly affected from litter. They will have more serious and bad attacks and they will not feel well! 4000 people with asthma die every year from pollution in the air!

In Conclusion, littering is bad for our future and our beautiful world. As I said before, think about what you are going to damage on this earth if you litter. Are you going to help? Are we together going to change the dump I saw in a beautiful forest where animals play and trees grow? You must think about it! Go outside and start cleaning!!!
~ A persuasive text, written by Ella-Maria in Year 4 Amber

Should we look after the rainforest?

Would you like to look after the rainforest? I would! Do you consider its beauty something worth saving? I am going to explain who and what is affected by the rainforest; how they are affected and explain the ways we can protect the rainforests.

Firstly, we should look after the rainforest because people replace the rainforest with farms to grow up vegetables. This will affect not only trees, but also animals living in rainforest and their food.

Secondly, we have to look after the rainforest because the number of people grows, rainforest are cleared to build houses; Trees are cut and animals’ disappear.

Moreover, I strongly believe that we should look after the rainforest because rainforests get affected by infrastructure like new roads where lots of trees are cut and this disturbs animal’s life.

I strongly believe that people should look after the rainforest by making them conservation. This will protect the rainforest, minimize the trees cutting and save the life of animals living in rainforest.

We have to look after the rainforest because when people cut down trees for timber, which is a major industry in Brazil, it affects the environment. Rainforests consume an enormous amount of the world’s Carbon-Dioxide and release Oxygen in return.

A large number of animals live in rainforests. One-third of all animal species in the world lives in the rainforest of Brazil.

These are the things you should do to protect the rainforests:

  1. Making rainforest conservation (protecting them)
  2. Educate people to recycle papers to save cutting down trees
  3. ONLY print and photocopy what you need
  4. Use both sides of the paper when printing and photocopying

In conclusion, we should save the rainforest to protect our environment and the future of our children.
~ By Christelle

A letter to my friend in China
Dear Tang,

I am writing this to you to see you in Australia soon. First I want to tell you about my beautiful country.

In my country I can take you shopping and we have beautiful beaches with clean sand on it.
We have safe roads and we are the biggest island. We have beautiful schools and universities.

In our cities we have two of the most famous bridges. One of the bridges is called the Harbour Bridge and the other bridge is called the Anzac Bridge and we also have the Opera house in the city.

The sports we play are swimming, netball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis and cricket. In our zoo we have cute animals such as koalas, monkeys, zebras, giraffes, elephants, dolphins, seals, goats, birds and gorillas.

The names of our blue mountains are called the three Sisters. We are friendly people.

We have lots of fun theme parks such as Wet & Wild, Jamberoo, Movie World, Sea World and Dream World.

Australia has a very good government and China has a bad government because in China they tell you what you have to E.G. in China you’re only allowed to have 2 children.

Our country Australia is the best because they take our sand from our beaches and take it to some other beaches to make it look nice but in China’s beaches they are trashed and filled with rubbish.

Hope I see you in Australia soon Tang.

Yours sincerely

~ Teresa

A letter to a friend in China convincing them to come to Australia
Dear John

Do you like the feeling of freedom and equal rights? Would you like to live in a nice house and have good job opportunities? Do you want a good education and good schools to go to? Have you always wanted to go for a swim in Australian beaches or try lots of new foods? Well, come to Australia, a place I call home!

First of all, Australia is a democratic country that has equal rights. I believe Australia has great job opportunities. Unlike China, in Australia we don’t have any sweatshops. We get paid more and have better working conditions such as working in a nice environment with air conditioning and as a team. I believe Australia has excellent schools and education that everyone can access. This includes male and female children and adults, the disabled and the rich and poor. You’ll see why so many people from different countries want to live in Australia for education and jobs.

Second of all, Australia is the world’s biggest island. In Australia, the air is very fresh and clean. Unlike China where the air is polluted and filled with chemicals, you have to breathe that air! Breathing this air will make you seriously ill in China. You’re less likely to get seriously sick here in Australia. Australia has many beautiful beaches and sea life. You might believe that Hawaii imports sand from Australia because the sand on Australian beaches is the best. We have many tourist attractions such as The Great Barrier Reef, aquarium and the Sydney Harbour Bridge which you can climb! You will certainly believe me when you have the time of your life!

Furthermore, Australia is a multicultural country by welcoming many different cultures. Although some people might believe that Australians only eat meat pies and vegemite. We actually get to eat lots of food from many different cultures. Through friends, schools, restaurants and festivals we get to experience new lifestyles including food, language, religions, dance and clothing. I believe that you will love trying new things. In China, parents move in and live with their children. That is uncommon in Australia unless their parents are getting older. So, if you want some time away to live by yourself you should come to Australia!

You should come to Australia so you can have an amazing experience studying and visiting our beautiful tourist attractions. Australia is a welcoming and safe country where you will have lots of fun.

~ Milad Ibrahim