Let’s Stop The War
Let’s end all the war o’powerful nations,
No poverty, no oppression, no racism.
There is still hunger,
There are homeless children crying with tears.
Who you are? I don’t need to ask,
I already see it in your sorrow.
I don’t care about your colour or religion,
You are my brother, my brother in humanity.
There are still people in exile, in arrest.
The world is longing for justice, end oppression, end fear and agree on justice.
I come from the east, the land of faith,
Our villages are the raise of sun,
From here to all people we say hi,
Generations go, generations come,
On the path of freedom we go.
~ By Nina

Books Light up our World by Year 6…

The Jungle Book
I used to ask my dad every night to read it to me. I used to know all the words in the book. It was very fascinating. I used to enjoy it and say the words with my Dad.
~ By Joseph

The Fairies
When I was little, I used to read a book called The Fairies. I really liked it because it was magical, it made me feel like I was inside the book and whenever I was sad, it made me feel happy again.
~ By Mariana

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast lights up my world because it was specially made by my aunty for me. My name has been printed on the first page and I am really attached to the book. I love it a lot.
~ By Briana

The Hobbit
The hobbit is the book that has lit up my world because it is full of adventure, creativity, suspense and it is part of my other favourite series, The Lord of the Rings.
~ By Anonymous

‘My Life’ Series
My Life books have lit up my world by having a sense of humour in the words. If Im sad Ill read the book and it will always put a smile on my face.
~ By Miriam