Executive Principal

Sr Margaret Ghosn

Head of College

Mr Elie Asmar

Head of Mission

Sr Irene Boughosn

Head of Curriculum

Ms Georgette Dalla

Head of Teaching and Learning

Ms Clare Thorpe

Head of Wellbeing

Mr Andrew Pearn

Head of Business Services

Ms Rupa Bala

Head of Risk and Compliance

Ms Judy Slattery

Primary KLA Coordinator Ms Louiza Sadek
Primary KLA Coordinator Ms Connie Zouein
Primary KLA Coordinator (English) Mr Rabeeh Khoury
Primary KLA Coordinator (Religion) Sr Rita Bou-Raffoul
Religion Coordinator (Secondary) Mr Charbel Ellias
English Coordinator (Secondary) Mr Michael Cunningham
Mathematics Coordinator (Secondary) Mr Andre Sassine
Science Coordinator (Secondary) Mr Andrew Stillen
HSIE Coordinator (Secondary) Ms Patty Esber-Dayoub
PDHPE Coordinator (Secondary) Mr Michael Abood
CAPA Coordinator (Secondary) Ms Tanya Sarlog
TAS Coordinator (Secondary) Ms Jackline Botros
Languages Coordinator K-12 Ms Marie Safi
VET Coordinator (Secondary) Ms Shilpa Kumar
eLearning Coordinator K-12 Ms Zeina Sharbeen
Diverse Learning Coordinator K-12 Ms Catherine Mathews

Stage 1 Advisor

Ms Grace Bechara

Stage 2 Advisor

Ms Diane Sammour

Stage 3 Advisor

Mr Rabeeh Khoury

Year 7 Advisor

Mr Nicholas Jones

Year 8 Advisor

Ms Manelle Michael

Year 9 Advisor

Mr Marcel Abboud

Year 10 Advisor

Ms Jessica Ishak

Year 11 Advisor

Ms Rennee Badr

Year 12 Advisor

Ms Irene Delimitros

Careers Advisor

Ms Shilpa Kumar

Pastoral Coordinator

Ms Claudia Bou-Melhem


Ms Patricia Sleiman (Primary)

Ms Christine El Hajj (Secondary)

Internal and External Sport Coordinator

Mr Jobran Gharrach

Liturgy and Social Justice Coordinator

Sr Juliette Abi-Khalil

College Chaplain

Fr Charbel Dib

Fr Ron Hassarati

Administration Coordinator

Ms Gamal Lahoud

Executive Assistant

Ms Cheryl George

Main Administration Officers

Ms Caroline Deeb

Ms Emma Nemer

Public Relations Officer

Ms Georgette Baini

Student Services Officers

Ms Ramona Sheikh (Primary)

Ms Marlene Achmar (Secondary)

Enrolment Officer

Ms Joanne Ishac

Facilities and Maintenance Officer

Ms Zalpha Elbazi 

Student Attendance Officer and Staff Services Officer

Ms Salma Abou-Azar

Grants and Marketing Officer

Mr Nicholas Leech

ICT Manager

Mr Samer Boulos