Academic achievement has been a continuous part of educational life at Maronite College of the Holy Family.

The College strives for academic excellence. Regular homework is set and an organised home study program is expected of every student.

While a broad curriculum is offered, students’ selection of subjects is dependent upon demonstrated academic achievement. This provides personal academic goal setting for each student.

The College aims to design a curriculum structure that encourages each student to meet his/her personal best.

At the College, religion is the centre of our education through our motto to know, love and serve. The College, through the ministry of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family (MSHF) and its staff, strive to instil in the students the teachings of Jesus and the Maronite tradition.

Our teaching programs ensure they are in line with Catholic faith and they encourage students to achieve their best by promoting a caring attitude and a concern for justice and equality, in imitation of Christ.