Welcome to 2022!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please click the link to read important information from our College Principal, Sr Margaret Ghosn – Welcome to 2022 Parent Letter


Sentral Parent Portal


Video demonstration – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ie_h5OteTE

Portal queries – icthelp@mchf.nsw.edu.au


Skoolbag App Instructions…
Download the SkoolBag app from your app store (free). Create a new account and you’re ready to go!  Detailed instructions are “here”.
Please contact Georgette Baini if you have issues – 9633 6600 (Ext: 2)


Volunteering at the College
Education is a partnership between teachers and parents/guardians. To this end, the College encourages volunteers, following an induction process.  There are numerous ways volunteers can assist at the College. This can be in a regular or casual capacity as required by the College or subject to the availability of the volunteer. Volunteering can be in a full day or part-day capacity.

Volunteers can assist at the College through the following:

  • Assisting teachers in specialist spaces – such as Learning Centres and Sport
  • Assisting in College events that occur throughout the year where needed
  • Assisting with administrative tasks – such as laminating, photocopying, class displays, preparing resources
  • Assisting with examination supervision
  • Joining the Parent Association and assisting with their events and initiatives

Through volunteering at the College, parents/guardians are included in the learning process. This greatly benefits all stakeholders – students, parents and teachers.

Please find the Volunteer Induction Booklet “here”.

Please click the form link to volunteer https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=Riy53dVPHkqKNkQ7G7ifQujTSh1JOyNJk0U6FeWMesFUNDQ4NzBUNjk2MEpIWTBXVUhaU1k0TENZSi4u