Message from the Principal – Dr Margaret Ghosn

Our College motto is to ‘Know, love and serve.’ On reflecting about mercy, I found these 3 values the perfect 3 steps towards mercy.

To know

To become aware of the circumstances around you. To make, the sometimes difficult effort, to really know the other, their circumstances, their background, their secret pains and hidden hurts. To know is to search for an honest answer, to reveal the truth, to become more aware of the one who stands before you. Do you really know what is happening in the personal life of that student that you make fun of, who you pass by and shove, who gaze upon with jealousy? Do you really know what your classmates are experiencing? To live out the value of ‘knowing’ is to look deeply into the eyes of the other and know the truth.

To love

Saint Paul calls love the greatest of all virtues. Jesus himself gave us a new commandment, ‘that you love one another. Just as I have loved you’ (Jn 13:34). Love involves empathy – the ability to get into the shoes of another, to know how the person feels and so be moved to your inner most being. To love is to accept, to always accept that young man or young woman in your class, in the playground, or on the bus, for who they are. If knowing is looking deeply into the eyes of another, then love is looking deeply into the heart of another, where their sacredness is revealed to you.

To serve

Mercy starts with knowing the other, loving the other no matter the problems and finally being moved into action for the betterment of the other. That brings us to our third value of ‘to serve.’ Of Jesus it was written, ‘the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve’ (Mt 20:28). Service is freely choosing to do what we can to assist another. By knowing and loving the students around us, we choose to create a place at MCHF where we can make one another feel at peace, safe, full of joy and loved.

That is what mercy is – being people who knowingly and lovingly choose to serve in the best interests of others. I hope in this Year of Mercy, that you take time to stop and reflect about the type of person you are. Do you really know, love and serve, the young men and women around you? If not, well why not?


Important Notice to Parents –

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