Principal’s Message

2019 promises to be a very interesting year. As I take on the role of Principal at Maronite College of the Holy Family, once again, I ask that we all work together as one family. We can only progress when the Sisters, staff, parents and students are united. As in the past, I am confident we will continue to support one another.

The school has come a long way since the first time I was Principal and I hope to continue the journey with you as MCHF moves from strength to strength. We will focus on academic excellence, spiritual fulfilment and holistic development of the student – creatively, physically and mentally.

The theme for 2019 is ‘To Love,’ which follows on from the 2018 theme, ‘To Know,’ taken from the College motto of To know, love and serve. May we understand the importance of ‘To love’ both God and neighbour. To love ourselves and to love others. In the end, only love matters.

2019 will see the continuance of what was done previously and hopefully we can build on what we have and delve out to deeper waters to challenge ourselves in new ways. With enrolment numbers growing, we hope to continue to improve and expand our learning spaces and our playgrounds. We have started the year with new furniture in numerous classrooms to make learning more enjoyable and we hope that students will take their studies seriously. The role of parents is to encourage their child to do the best they can.

Staff are forever undertaking professional development in order to provide the best possible lessons for the students and are keen to bring out the best in their students. So let’s embark on this academic year together, with God’s blessings.

In God’s love

Sr Irene Boughosn

Public Statement